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Protective T-Shirts

Protective clothing works to keep the wearer safe and is needed for keeping workers safe and healthy under hazardous circumstances. This is also a regulatory requirement at various worksites and professions to ensure the safety of the workers. The protective clothing may take the form of aprons, coveralls, protective T-shirts, coats, pants, hats, hoods, gloves, and complete protective suits and are a must in situations where employees may be exposed to different kinds of hazards.

These protective T-Shirts are designed to offer various degrees of protection depending on the utility. The fabric of the T-shirts depends on their specific use. Thus we offer workwear T-shirts that range from UV protective clothing to flame-resistant and high visibility wear for use at worksites, construction sites, road works, and similar projects. The T-shirt listed at our online store offers excellent comfort and is available in different fabric materials such as cotton and synthetic. We also offer clothes, which have high visibility, designed to reflect light for night workers and road workers.

Besides performing their basic protective function, these T-shirts are made of easy to maintain and fast-drying fabric and keep the wearer's comfort a top priority and are available in various sizes to fit people of all sizes.

The Protective T-shirt collection at Buildworld is among the best in its class, introduced by the top brands such as Buckler, Dart, Portwest, and Rado. Made from materials ranging from Foam and Glass Fibre to HPPE and Latex, the range has a size range from Small to 8XL. These are made under the 1992 Work Regulations Act and designed to guard against health and safety risks. All our products are independently tested by regulatory authorities that assure you of their quality and live up to their claims.

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