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Fibre Glass Flat Roofing

GRP stands for ‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’ to form a GRP laminate and is moulded to produce a variety of industrial products. Also known as a fiberglass roof, it will last many years without much wear and tear. It is used because of its strength and lightness. It is flexible, fully reinforced and waterproof and is widely used in the construction industry. Buildworld offers a ProGRP range of roofing systems that have been designed for flat roof applications. These can be used in both domestic and commercial applications and offer all-weather protection.

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More Info On Fibre Glass Flat Roofing

GRP Roofing or Fibre Glass Flat Roofing was first used for marine technology surfaces and for underwater containers, glass-reinforced plastic will last for up to 30 years with very little of the normal wear and tear you would see on any other constructed project. It will require little to no maintenance except for light cleaning periodically. People also love it because of how easy it is to install. Two people working diligently can finish a large surface in a day or two whereas, in other methods, you would need a crew of ten to make the same completion time. All of the products on this page are necessary components for its construction.

How does it work?

GRP uses just about as many materials as the traditional tar and shingle job, but the application time is literally cut in half because there is no need to nail down all those pesky shingles. The only thing that is nailed down at all in this process is the initial trim on the outskirts of the roof and the corners. PU Adhesive is used to secure any overlapping trim, as well as to fill in gaps. The grooves in the wood are taped off before the application of resin to stop any seepage. The majority of roofing area is covered by a sheet of fibreglass and Cromar ProGRP Resin is used to glue it into place. After this combination dries, a layer of Cromar ProGRP Topcoat is applied with a roller. The layer of Top Coat will create a hard and shiny durable exterior made to withstand just about any weather.

The entire process results in an impenetrable roof that will last a lifetime. GRP roofing is a great solution for businesses and residential homes alike. Save thousand in yearly repairs and have a clean look that the traditional roof is incapable of.

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