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Pitched Roof Windows: Sun Lites - Loft Windows

Your excitement at the prospect of installing pitched roof windows is matched by Buildworld’s comprehensive catalogue offering high quality products covering every aspect of design, finish, and installation. Products from trusted brands in the industry such as Fakro, Velux, and Keylite are just a click away.

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More Info On Pitched Roof Windows

Greater exposure to natural light with a noticeable reduction in the use and dependence on artificial lighting is the central theme behind the installation of pitched roof windows. A lot of thought and planning is required ahead of these installations to consider: the required amount of light, directions receiving maximum light, and the type of glazing applied to the window.

Capable of altering the ambience of a room— pitched roof windows are invariably introduced into the loft area once it’s absorbed into the habitable portions of the house.


Centre pivot and Top hung roof are the most popular models in the pitched roof windows circuit. Centre pivot is composed of a single glass pane and opens from the vertical centre at 180 degrees, handled with the help of a control bar placed on the topmost portion of the window. Unlike centre pivot, top hung pitched roof models open from the top part of the window, manoeuvred by a control bar positioned on the lower end of the window.

 Top-third roof windows enjoy the traits of both centre pivot and top hung roof designs with lesser window sash around the frame. The large sized models in Side-hung windows have the advantage of being instrumental during emergency escapes, largely due to the side-hung design which opens on the right as well as the left side of the window frame.


Pine timber finish representing conventional sensibilities enjoys a healthy demand and is supplied with a triple coat of wood preservatives for long-lasting endurance. Having garnered a strong presence as a reliable alternative to wood—polyurethane’s popularity is largely reposed in its low maintenance feature.


The danger of glass shards falling on a person, in the event of an accidental damage caused by an external source to the pitched roof windows installed between 15 to 90 degrees, can be averted with laminated glazing, which absorbs the impact of the force leaving a few cracks on the glass to allow timely replacement.  Noise reduction glazing is optimized when applied to pitched roof windows placed between the angles of 15 to 55 degrees and are ideal for reducing external noises in noisy neighbourhoods. Non-transparent glazing helps secure privacy in sensitive zones such as bathrooms and kitchens to prevent sighting from the outside while allowing the person indoors a clear view of outdoor surroundings. A higher degree of insulation encompassing noise reduction and sufficient to trap heat indoors is achieved through triple and quadruple glazing.

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