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Flat Roof Windows

The Buildworld selection of flat roof windows comes in different designs and sizes including double and triple combination flat roof systems. The Keylite Flat Roof System, for instance, is designed to support the entire Keylite Roof Window range. Kits are prefabricated for easy installation, and each kit is supplied with a fully insulated timber upstand and flat roof system flashing.

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More Info On Flat Roof Windows

The Keylite glass roof light provides a sleek, alternative style to the standard Keylite window systems. These windows are double glazed with a robust outer frame and can be fixed shut or opened manually or electronically.

We also offer the Velux smoke ventilation window for flat roofs. Domed smoke vents are perfect for meeting building safety requirements and can be installed in stairwells and annexe connections. Windows automatically open in case of fire and provide an emergency exit.

Flat roof windows are an ideal solution for letting more natural light into a building. Skylight windows specifically designed for flat roofs are easy to install and can transform a dull, dark room into a lively, luminous space. Additionally, flat roof windows provide protection from unwanted external factors, concurrently acting as insulators against cold and reducing noise pollution levels from immediate surroundings.

Opening Roof Light is a premier window design among flat roof window models widely employed in ventilation deprived zones. Designed to provide reliable security with a locking mechanism along with the function of providing emergency escape passage, their aesthetic composition suits houses with roof terraces hosting a walking area. Fixed Roof Light unlike opening roof light models cannot be opened and is preferred by many for this reason, acting as an additional security feature. Its sleek framing belies the presence of a window.

Shaped like pyramids-Pyramid Skylight is capable of drawing copious amounts of light into a room. Available in a variety of designs to suit modern and classic decor sensibilities-these windows allow better viewing possibilities due to their expansive design. Limited glazing is applied to this particular style of windows to exploit the purchase of extra light and better view.

The Roof Dome design is an economical adaptation of the opening roof light model replacing glass with polycarbonate in its dome-shaped glazing-an anomaly of form in the fleet of the flat roof window models. Its ubiquity extends from domestic to commercial buildings owing to its economical pricing and its flexible installation settings to accommodate opening roof light features or fixed roof light setting. Sun Tunnels are particularly effective in rooms that have no possibility for conventional windows. Equally compatible with flat and pitched roof settings-sun tunnels are available in two models, namely rigid and flexible. Rigid sun tunnels are more expensive than flexible sun tunnels and allow a greater amount of sunlight into the room while flexible tunnels are able to overcome roof-related limitations to obtain a healthy amount of sunlight.

Product cost, amount of light, and level of insulation are considerations that cannot be overlooked in the selection of flat roof windows. The amount of light required versus the limitations placed by the immediate surroundings of the property would bear heavily in favour of a particular type of flat roof window.

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