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Roof Windows

If you feel excited about installing a new window this season, trust Buildworld to offer a variety of installations and accessories for roofs. You can get products and parts from top brands in the industry such as Fakro, Velux, and Keylite. Search the online catalog and get your windows delivered quickly!

More Info On Roof Windows

Have you ever thought about roof windows for your home or business? Windows for your roof can turn a ceiling or attic into a more aesthetically pleasing living space. Not only is it a fun conversation starter, but other benefits come with windows on the roof.

Roof windows are similar to skylights but with a couple of significant differences. Most skylights are permanent roof fixtures, roof windows open and close like regular windows.

Roof window parts are installed between the tiles, not as part of the roof structure. Skylights provide more constantly shining light, but windows have better views and allow for more light coming inside.

The manual control for side hinges or center-pivoting makes roof windows easy to operate. Homeowners can even buy electric roof windows at a higher cost. If you don’t want to use a ladder to reach high places, then electric powered ceiling windows are a necessity.

Advantages of Installing Roof Windows

These windows on the roof are not merely aesthetically pleasing. They come with other advantages like:

Types of Flat Roof Windows

When choosing your selection, consider different types of windows, like standard, blackout, awning blind, manual blackout, an easier-to-operate roller blind, pleated blinds, Venetian blinds, dimming blinds, bundles, shutters, or electrical blinds.

There are also unique selections to choose from, like outward opening roof light windows, insect screens to prevent intrusion, loft windows, heat reduction windows, and sun tunnels for a pitched roof. There are even collector's edition blackout blinds with cartoon or movie characters, such as a Cars (Pixar) movie poster-window for kids.

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