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Air Vents

Ventilation is one of the most important and basic considerations when planning a new build, updating an older property, or installing heating and gas-based appliances. The correct vent is vital to ensure the comfort and warmth of a property and the airflow within.

Air vents are available to purchase in multiple forms at Buildworld for different areas of a building, and choosing the appropriate type is essential for maximum performance. The majority of newer builds should already meet modern safety specifications and have an adequate ventilation system in all required areas. These can, of course, be added to or replaced, especially when building extensions or outbuildings.

Air vents or ducts are required to install heating, ventilation, air conditioning, kitchen exhaust hoods, and openings through which heated or cooled air flows. An Air vent can be an automatic air vent or manually operated and can be metal such as steel or plastic.

Our products include an air vent, vent cover, filter grille designed to be used in combustion areas such as boiler cabinets and other appliances for adequate ventilation. We recommend checking the size before installation.

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