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Ducting carries the air and protects against leaks while vents help to distribute air. The air ducts help move air that has been heated or cooled back out of the air vents throughout the home. Together they often make up the heating, air, and ventilation system that keeps the temperature comfortable. A leaky duct is troublesome. Not only does it reduce proper airflow, but also it is an energy efficiency nightmare.

Air Vents are used in heating, air conditioning, and other areas of climate control. Vents do not cause as many troubles as ducting, but they can be problematic if they break. A vent that won't open correctly will restrict airflow and lead to issues, such as mold if there is an impact on overall ventilation.

When the time comes for maintenance, you want to be sure you can get the brands you trust, including Manrose, Oracstar and timloc.

Whether you need an underfloor vent or ducting for a dryer or air conditioning unit, we at Buildworld offer a range of ventilation and ducting products such as an underfloor vent, louvered vent, duct connector, aluminum hose, and many more products at discounted prices.

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