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Pitched Roofing

A pitched roofing project requires a variety of materials. Where one person might want roof tiles, another will prefer roof slates. Whatever the situation, here you can find the pitched roofing products to suit your building needs.

Our range of pitched roofing products includes ridge and hip tiles, roof verges, roof valleys, and roofing membrane. Roof tiles and slate come in various finishes and are easy to install. All products are of high quality and provide long-lasting protection from weather damage.


More Info On Pitched Roofing

A pitched roof slopes downward at a steeper angle than a flat roof. Although they have evolved over the years, pitched roofing remains popular among homeowners because of the durability and protection it provides.

 A roof is the first line of defence against the outside elements, which is why it is vital to use proper, high-quality products during construction and maintenance.

How Does Pitched Roofing Work?

Pitched roofs come in various shapes, sizes, colour palettes, and materials. From classic to contemporary, roof slates and tiles can create a cohesive look to a home or commercial building. 

Pitched roofing has many benefits, including thermal insulation, protection against the environment, and a longer lifespan than flat roofs. The triangular shape of a pitched roof provides stability against water, snow, ice, and wind, and shields against water collection on top of the roof. 

A pitched roof may be more expensive up front, but it can save you money in energy costs because it allows ventilation and offers water reuse through the external draining system. Plus, covering a pitched roof with a sturdy material like slate means you won’t have to empty your pockets for regular maintenance.

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