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Extractor Fans

Extractor fans are versatile, often-compact products that help remove toxic air, smoke, or moisture from any space. You commonly see them in bathrooms, where they reduce humidity and keep mirrors from fogging after hot showers or baths. They are also frequently built into appliances that tend to produce smoke or steam, such as ovens.

Extractor fans are usually rather small, but you can find larger models in factories or other areas where large-scale ventilation is necessary. Depending on the power of the fan and the addition of any energy-saving technology, the products can vary quite widely in price.

Extractor fans are rarely a post-construction purchase. In most cases, builders install these appliances in bathrooms and other spaces before a building finishing a building. They do this because these fans require ductwork (often to the roof or side of the home) to expel the bad air or moisture. That said, some houses, apartments, and offices do not feature these fans.

In cases where no ductwork and no fan exist, it’s worth considering an inexpensive, pull-cord model like the Manrose 100mm Extractor Fan. Though designed to be connected to ducts in the wall or ceiling, you can also use them by placing them in open windows. With their simple use and pull-cord design, they’re perfect for extracting excess moisture and bad odors.

Construction companies looking to purchase a bulk amount of fans would do well to consider products like the Domus Shower Fan Kit. Rather than just including the fan itself, kits like these include several meters worth of ducting, fixed grilles, and built-in timers. In the end, having all the elements needed in one place can help the job go much more smoothly.

As with any products, there are “Cadillac” versions of extractor fans. A good example would be the HIB Cyclone High Power Inline Fan. Part of a line of Cyclone products, these stylish extractor fans are meant to be mounted in the ceiling and feature a sleek design and a high-powered electric motor.

Both bathroom extractor fans and kitchen extractor fans are crucial to a safe and happy home. Though best built into the property, it’s never too late to install one in

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