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Roof Felts

Roofing felt is necessary as a protection for the roof and thereby your home. Also commonly known as tar paper, roof felt is used between the house and the roof. Its function is to offer protection from the elements, especially during storms and harsh weather. It is a polyester or fibreglass fleece that is made by soaking it in a waterproofing material. It is sold as rolls that are 36" wide and is long-lasting. The roofing deck is protected in case of rain before the roof is finished. It helps protect the top if shingles are blown away in a storm. It disguises uneven areas and gives a cleaner, neater finish. Additional fire protection in case of fire. It's a cost-effective way to extend the life of your roof.

At Buildworld, we stock good quality, long-lasting felt with attractive finishes. Ideal for long-term weatherproofing and protection, it can last up to many years.

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