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Lead Flashing

Lead flashings are usually installed in exhaust fans, chimneys, parapets, pipes, dormer windows, and vents. The sole reason behind installing a lead flashing is to prevent water leakages and the chain of events attracted by water ingress such as mould and corrosion of metallic components belonging to the roof and abutting the entire structure. At Buildworld we offer both high quality lead flashing for roofing manufactured by leading brands such as Cromar, Cure-It, Evo-Stik, Hunter and Royston.

Reshaping is the most salient feature in the use of lead flashings allowing coverage in the most complex roof penetration areas making an array of installation of techniques employable. Lead flashings are known to provide long-life durability to the substrate that it is applied to. Due to its malleability lead can be applied on corners, curves, bends, and other awkward shapes.

Lead flashings are sold in different gauges of thickness to cover specific usage. The range of thickness is coded as 3 to be the thinnest sheet (ordinarily used as soakers between roof tiles and abutments) and 8 (applied on flat roofs and pitched gutters) denoting the thickest gauge.

On average, flashing made from lead will last three times longer than other roofing and flashing products. Lead is highly resistant to corrosion induced by moisture in the air, saltwater, most natural chemicals, and UV degradation.

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