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Roof Verges

If you've ever been on "the verge," it's only fitting that you're on the verge of finding some great roof verges. Roof verges are the edge of the roof tiles. They attach to the gable end to protect against rain getting underneath the roof. They should be installed with a small gap between the verge units and wallboards or barge boards. You can think of roof verges like rubber caps that you place over big screws: they preserve and finish the roof's look.

Dry verge systems use interlocking caps to fit over the edge of the roof rather than mortar. Dry verging is the more popular roof verge option. The Cromar CromaVerge Premium Universal Dry Verge has a universal make, so you don't need left and right units. The Easy Trim EasyVerge Universal Verge System has the same perk, and it also comes in polypropylene material for better flexibility.

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