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Bib & Brace Overall

The specialty of a Bib and Brace garment is that it is unrestricted at the arms so wearers can use their arms freely for a range of movements while still having adequate protection at the chest, back and legs. While keeping any potential hazards or stains at bay, this kind of free-flow design makes the “bib and brace” an excellent option in occupations where a more restricted protective garment would not prove ideal. Such occupations include painters and decorators.

This garment is a classic to painters and decorators, is comfortable for the wearer, comes in many sizes, and most importantly incorporates multiple utility pockets for keeping everything within easy reach. Besides the front pocket, many bib and brace overalls come with reinforced knees and pockets for knee pads and are easy to wear over your normal clothing.

Many brands build upon the standard bib and brace garments for giving you more practical and specialized clothing which adds versatile elements to the design making them more suited to a variety of professions and environments and expanding their utility factor.

Bib and brace, also called bib trousers or bib overalls, available through our site come to you from Portwest in Cotton, Leather, and Polyester and in many sizes and colors offering you a high standard of comfort, durability, and practical use. The reinforced fabric assures superior construction, while design and appearance keep it stylish. Browse our collection of PPE and workwear clothing, which provide not only comfort and protection from workplace hazards but also increase your own visibility when needed. Our full range of overalls is introduced from Portwest available at competitive price points.


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