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Masonry & Brick Paints

Paints are versatile and have a wide scope of application, both in the interior and exterior of buildings. There are paints for functional and decorative use for almost any kind of surface including protective.

Brick breathes while also protecting your home from rain, sleet, snow, heat, and painting. It therefore needs the right kind of paint which allows the brick to continue to breathe. For interior and exterior brick, semi-gloss or gloss paint are used as each of these enhances the detailing of the brick wall and are also easier to clean. If the brick wall is in good condition, you can also opt for finishing stains.

Mildew Resistant Paints can be used under damp and moist conditions. Such self-priming paints have a latex acrylic composition that resists the growth of mould and mildew, especially on brick. Anti vandal paints are applied to brick walls to protect from intruders. These have a slippery, sticky, non-drying coating, making the surface virtually impossible to climb.

Buildworld is pleased to offer you a range of paints for external areas, such as garage doors, entrance doors, masonry, metal, wood exteriors, brick walls and more. These come in Satin, Textured, Gloss and Smooth finishes. We supply all kinds of paints, stains and coatings throughout the UK from Dulux, Leyland and Sandtex Trade in an inexhaustible choice of colours.

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