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Safety Eyewear

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment includes face and eye protection, hand protection, body protection, hearing protection, and respiratory protection.

Eye protection is an important aspect of PPE to keep your delicate eyes safe and protected under stress and hazardous conditions. Eye protection includes generic safety glasses, chemical splash goggles, laser safety glasses, and impact goggles. Full face protection is achieved by wearing face shields along with goggles.

Using the right PPE to protect and reduce exposure to hazards is essential in situations such as laboratories and manufacturing such as welding. Protective goggles and spectacles protect the wearer from dust, water, chemical splashes, impact, smoke, radiation, heat, flying debris, and much more. Generic safety glasses offer protection against light to moderate impact and airborne particles and are typically made of metal or plastic with impact-resistant glass or plastic lenses. Most specialized Safety Spectacles and glass are an excellent choice for use in numerous indoor and outdoor conditions. These come with impact-resistant frames and shatter-proof lenses and offer total eye coverage, including side protection. Some also come with detachable side protectors in various materials. Metal framed safety glasses are not used for users performing electrical tasks.

These also offer adequate UV protection, are scratchproof, and are made using high-quality materials for durable use. The glasses can be used over prescription glasses for those who wear glasses.

At Buildworld, our Goggles are designed to provide superior and the highest level of protection as compared to conventional safety goggles and come to you from market-leading brands Portwest and Ox Tools. Made in compliance with the necessary regulatory requirements, these glasses are available to clear or coloured and in several sizes.

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