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Indoor Lighting

Ever walked into a dark room and watched it transform into a delightful one, the minute you switch on the lights? The reason is the lighting used for the room. Each part of a building requires different types of lighting, and that is what we specialize in at Buildworld. Just browse through our entire lighting section, and you are sure to find the right lights for every space in a building. From commercial lights to residential lamps and security lighting, as well as bulbs, diffusers, sensors and transformers, Buildworld has it all, right here at some fabulous deals.

More Info On Indoor Lighting

Lighting a bedroom can be different from lighting a patio or a perimeter that requires security and must have sensors for alarms. Here are some of the types of lights, we stock that you may require for a home or office -

Bathroom Lights – bathrooms have evolved and double up as grooming, as well as areas for rejuvenation. Thus, lights for this space must be bright, yet comfortable on the eyes. Above all, look for our range of lights specially made for areas that are subjected to high temperatures of moisture.

Down Lights – again used mostly in commercial places, these lights are designed to spotlight an area from above and may be used in ceiling recesses.

Lamps & Bulbs – lighting elements can be bought either as plain bulbs or in the form of readymade lamps.

Pendant Lights are lights that hang down from the ceiling by cords and maybe fixed singly or in multiples.

Under Cabinet & Plinth Decking Lights – these are generally used in kitchens and storerooms and are incorporated within the structure of the plinth or wooden cabinets.

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