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At Buildworld, we stock cleaning supplies at best prices you’ll find anywhere else. These include Bathroom Supplies, Household Supplies and Industrial supplies. However, our range is not limited, and you can find supplies for any kind of cleaning needs. Our products include scourers, brushes, brooms, sponges, gloves, cleaning liquids, dishcloths, floor gels and everything you need for a sparkling home, inside and outside.

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U-Care Alloy Wheel Brush

U-Care Alloy Wheel Brush

U-Care | Not Yet Rated £2.48

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More Info On Surface & Clean-up

Using cleaning practices helps control the spread of infections as well as keep the area attractive. Studies indicate that proper and timely cleaning can reduce the spread of contagious disease, extend lifespan and lend a neat look and finish. Kitchen and bathrooms are area inside the home where dedicated cleaning is essential for the health of the whole family. Also, pavements and patios gain a longer lifespan when cleaned and maintained well and protected from the elements.

Inside the house, it is recommended to use hospital-grade disinfectants in everyday cleaning, especially in high-touch surfaces like sink faucet handles, microwave handles, keyboards, refrigerator door handles, etc. Using clean cloths (preferably microfiber) is necessary, while colour-coding tools for specific areas or tasks can reduce chances of cross-contamination. Other cleaning supplies that keep your homes and offices sparkling are disinfectants, detergents, soap, tools like brooms, mops, and more.

Apart from cleaning, we also carry maintenance supplies for floors, carpets, toilets, patios and more. We also offer supplies that protect your precious furniture, walls, and carpets when other interior work is undertaken which could potentially stain, mark or damage these items. Check out our variety of dust sheets, floor protection liquids, and carpets sheets. Our products assure you the desired results and extend themselves to a range of cleaning and protection jobs.

Our protection and maintenance products deal with issues that could come up and reduce future hassles in cleaning. This saves your pounds as replacing items can be quite expensive. We keep your spaces, gardens and other utilities looking their best and function to potential. Shop for our products online today, and give us a try!

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