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Hearing Protection

Like other PPE, some professions require the use of hearing protection for workers and employees who are exposed to noise levels equal to or above 85 decibels to protect their hearing and prevent any noise-induced occupational hearing loss. Such devices are designed to reduce the noise energy from reaching and damaging the inner ear.

Hearing Protection Devices or HPD will prevent noise-induced hearing loss, by reducing the amount of noise, however, they will not completely eliminate all of the noise reaching the ear. The most common type of PPE for ear protection includes Earmuffs and earplugs.

These become a must under safety regulations as soon as the noise is measured and it is determined that employees are subjected to noise exposure above the agreeable limits, whether the noise is contributed by a work process or machines, or both. Earplugs work by being inserted into the ear canal to block out the amount of noise reaching the ear through the ear canal. These plugs expand to fill the ear canal and make a seal against the ear walls and can be disposable and reusable.

Ear muffs on the other hand cover the entire external ear to filter the noise out. The muff cup has a lining of acoustic foam which will reduce noise by between 15 to 30 decibels. These are generally used together with earplugs to protect against extremely loud noises, up to more than 105 decibels. The hallmarks of an efficient noise reduction device are a Good seal as well as Comfort, and also allow for communication.

Ear protection at our online store, Buildworld, are offered in a range of colours and sizes from brands Ox-Tools and Portwest made from PU Foam and other high quality materials to maximise noise reduction.

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