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Abrasives & Sanding

Abrasives are materials used to grind and polish surfaces and come in different sizes and formats. A common abrasive is a sandpaper. Abrasives fall under two main categories-bonded abrasives and coated abrasives. Bonded abrasives such as grinding discs and cutting-off wheels are manufactured by bonding the abrasive grain with resins and reinforcing materials. A Coated abrasive comes with grit applied to paper, cloth, or polyester backing.

Abrasives contain aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and ceramic grains; diamond is a specialist abrasive. A mix of Aluminium Oxide and Zircon is self-sharpening that breaks down and regenerates its sharp cutting edges when sanding giving longer life.

The abrasive grains reduce clogging whilst stripping or sanding plaster surfaces and can be applied to both sides for longer product life. Sanding products come as sanding rolls, sanding belts, and wire mesh.

Abrasives are used for many different applications such as sanding wood, sharpening, polishing, buffing, and honing stones. Gentle, delicate projects often work best by hand, whereas a larger or rougher surface might require the use of a sanding machine.

At Buildworld, we stock a range of sanding products in various grit sizes. Click to explore our range and select the best one based on your requirement.

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