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Abrasives & Sanding

Before grabbing any old pack from the nearest abrasives stand, make sure you know exactly what materials you will be sanding and the resulting finish you want from the job. The overly harsh or extremely gentle paper has quite different, specific uses, and neither one will help if bought for the wrong job.

To achieve a professional-looking, smooth finish, the choice of abrasive sandpaper used has to be correct. There's no need to be daunted by an uneven, marked surface or even a delicate piece of furniture. With the right choice of product, the job will become a lot easier and a lot faster. At Buildworld, we stock a range of Abrasives. If multiple surface sanding is required in doubt, we also stock a handy selection of different graded paper in our assortment packs. No need to buy large amounts of a product when this handy little pack contains everything you need in one go. Click to explore our range and select the best one based on your requirement.

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