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Masking Tapes

Tapes come in many categories, including adhesive cloth tapes, duct tapes, gaffer tapes, repair tapes and more. PVC tapes find general applications and electrical, lane marking, hazard warning, duct sealing, protection, construction and industrial applications. Cloth adhesive tapes offer more excellent durability and are helpful in bandages, sealing walls, electrical and plumbing jobs, while duct tapes are helpful in small repairs. At Buildworld as we stock a limitless range of tapes to meet varied needs in building and construction. Our products are high quality and designed to meet the demands of individual and commercial projects. In general, our tapes are robust and offer good conformability. These are used for sealing parcels and packages, masking, labelling and other general uses. Some peel cleanly from surfaces, usually if they are poly-coated.

Our products include protective tape, duct tape, double-sided tape, glazing tape, as well as professional strength adhesive, repair, insulation and hazard tapes. Specialist tapes include electrical Insulation Tape, Warning Tape, Cold Weather Duct Tape etc. We also have mounting tape formulated for an extra-strong and secure hold on solid and smooth surfaces like tiles.

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