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Decking Stain & Oil

It's crucial to take care of your deck for reasons of safety as well as for preventing wood rot. A rotting deck can look unpresentable and carry the risk of falls and invite mould, algae, and bugs. Most people consider staining their wood deck as a sure-fire way to maintain it, clean it, and keep it as durable and gorgeous as the day it was installed.

A decking stain is similar to varnish and comes with colour pigments that change the natural colour of the wood. This can include coloured decking oil or any coating products that will form a film over the deck's surface. On the other hand, Decking Oils have high concentrations of oil and wax that make the decking boards resistant to UV rays, water, and dirt, giving them durability and a well-maintained finish. Decking oils penetrate deep into the grain to replace the wood's natural oils and offer enhanced protection from the inside. Choose from clear or coloured decking oils depending on your requirements. We carry various decking oils and stains in a wide range of attractive wood shades for effectively sealing the timber from external elements. Our Decking stain oils offer an easy, economical solution for protecting your hardwood or softwood decking and preventing cracking, splitting, and warping. Try our decking protective stains from Ronseal, Everbuild and Swarfega and see the difference.

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