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Switches & Sockets

No home is complete without wall switches for use with the various electrical appliances at home. There are several different types of switches, with their core functionality differing, although you may not be able to tell the difference by appearance. If you desire a change in the efficiency of switches then replacing your old ones with the latest can go a long way in energy saving.

Switches can be decorative for visual interest and feature stunning designs and finishes. Modular switches come in many types and are ideal for various lighting applications. There are weather-resistant switches that are ideal for use in damp conditions.

At Buildworld, our range of sockets and switches from MK Electric can be used when renovating or for new builds. We stock a full range of switches and power sockets as well as fittings and accessories to suit every decor or practical need. Our switches come in 1-Gang, 2-Gang, and 3-Gang and have a width range between 51-100mm. Made from high-quality material, these one or two-way switches come with quality assurance as they comply with the BS EN 60669-1:1999 regulations. The price range starts from £2.75 and goes up to £9.98 for our indoor switch range.


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