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Switches & Sockets

As the leading independent builder's merchant in London, we at Buildworld offer the very best range of quality switches and power sockets for the most competitive prices around. We are one of the leaders for all your building supply needs.

Our range of sockets and switches covers every room in the house, as well as exterior and industrial projects. We have a full range of switches and power sockets to suit every building design, from decorative designs to tough, weather-resistant units for outdoor use. We stock everything from switches and faceplates to blanking plates and covers, as well as a complete range of fittings and accessories. Our products will put the perfect finishing touch on any building project.


More Info On Switches & Sockets

Decorative switches add a touch of style and interest to any room. We offer a variety of appealing decorative styles in everything from mirror-like polished chrome to subtle matte black nickel. When you're decorating to impress, these products are ideal.

Metal Clad Switches and Sockets

Metal finishes are durable and hard-wearing. Our selection of metal-clad products use mark-resistant brushed aluminium includes everything you'll need.

Modular Switches and Sockets

Our modular switches come in a range of sizes, varieties, and finishes. They're perfect for lighting as well as for mains-wired appliances such as industrial dishwashers.

Weather Resistant Switches and Sockets

Everyone knows that electricity and water are a deadly combination, but sometimes you need an outdoor power source or lighting control that can handle rain and other adverse weather conditions. Our weather-resistant power supplies are ideal for outdoor use, or for any setting where there's likely to be a lot of water present. They're all made using tough, water-resistant materials, with secure covers to keep moisture at bay. They're ideal for floor or wall mounted in garages, outbuildings, and anywhere you need a secure exterior power outlet or switch.

White Plastic Switches and Sockets

Practical and inexpensive, plain white plastic is the classic neutral finish. Our range of white plastic switches and sockets includes everything from standard single light switches and dimmer units to gang plug sockets and shaver sockets for bathrooms. Look out for our low cost ten packs for even better value.


Our switch and socket range also includes every accessory you'll need to get the job done. We have screws and screw caps sized to fit all our products as well as other useful items like neon plate switch locators and cord pulls.

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