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Work Lights

While indoor lighting is essential, outdoor lighting, especially for large and commercial spaces, is equally vital. It not only illuminates broad areas but also works towards safety and security concerns. Such illumination is known as Work lighting or Site Lighting, and several aspects differentiate it from ordinary lighting. Site lighting is usually used for large outdoor areas like parks, walkways, building enclosures, public transport depots, parking lots, commercial establishments and outdoor work sites.

Since it covers an ample space, site lighting has to be uniform and even. It has to provide bright light and be aesthetic and flexible when it comes to controls. Additionally, energy savings are an essential consideration. That is why most site or work lighting involves LEDs, as these are the best eco-friendly options and can be controlled.

There are many options in site lighting, which is available at Buildworld. Our range includes bare bulbs, lamps, portable lights, flexi strips and festoons, and accessories such as stands, strip guards, mirrored lamps, and more. Depending on the area to be illuminated, the light system is involved. You can find all these and more from our leading brands such as Forum Lighting and Stanley.

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