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Insulation Boards

Insulation defines using products that reduce heat loss or gain by forming a barrier between areas with marked temperature differences. Insulation improves the energy efficiency of buildings and spaces. So, you have less heat loss in the winter, and coolness in summer is retained if homes are insulated.

Insulation boards are commonly used in many building projects for insulation of the walls and floors. Polystyrene or Polyurethane foam boards or insulation provide superior insulating when used with approved building material on floors, ceilings, walls, and unvented low slope roofs. Floor insulation involves adding an insulating material beneath the floorboards to prevent loss of heat through the floor. This will help you make a massive saving on your heating bill. Apart from this, floor insulation is proven to reduce impacts and also comes in fire-resistant options.

At Buildworld, we offer a great collection of wall and floor insulation from market-leading brand Warmup in three length ranges of 1100 to 25000mm. Choose from various forms of floor insulation which include rolls, slabs, and boards across the range. You will find great deals on these only from our online store.

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