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Paints for the wall and ceiling fall in both interior and exterior paint categories, interior paints come with properties like stain resistance, easy cleaning, etc while exterior paints must have anti-fading and humidity-resistant qualities. When you begin a painting project, inside or outside the home, you must keep in mind the differences between the two and select the appropriate paint.

Exterior paints can be oil-based or water-based, but for interior work, water paints are generally preferred. Masonry and stucco will do well with a coat of flat sheen exterior paint which will let the surfaces breathe, and moisture to escape. Brick walls will transfer moisture and therefore, must be allowed to breathe.

Interior paints are less tough than exterior paints but don’t release vapors, making them a safer bet indoors. When surfaces need to be cleaned and scrubbed, choose a glossy finish paint meant for interiors.

When you need to pick an interior paint for either walls or ceilings, call us at Buildworld, we have an extensive collection of interior paints and pigments from Buildworld, Crown, Dulux, Leyland, Macpherson and more. These come in a host of colours and at very reasonable rates when you buy from our online store.

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