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Face Masks & Disposable Dust Masks

From washable cloth masks to respirators, Face Coverings can come in various variations. Like other PPE, Face Masks are mandatory in specific work situations to protect the work safe and healthy. These masks must also be manufactured and used under strict compliance and guidance to meet expectations. You can find face masks, barrier face coverings, surgical masks, and respirators in this category.

When a face mask is worn, it covers the wearer’s nose and mouth and can be used by the general public and specialized personnel against workplace hazards. Standard Masks are usually useful for providing additional protection in crowds and closed areas that do not offer adequate ventilation.

Respirator Masks offer a greater level of protection than standard masks by providing fluid barrier protection to the wearer. Respirators protect workers involved in painting, working with power tools, working with dust, sanding, and the like to protect your lungs. These masks are reusable or made for single use, which can then be disposed of. Typically, a respirator can filter out average toxicity fumes, water, oil-based mists and aerosols, fibre particles, dust, Pollen, Cement, granite, and airborne pathogens such as viruses. These devices come in two categories, air-purifying and air-supplied respirators, which use different techniques to reduce or eliminate hazards and protect your lungs. Dust masks can be used in applications such as gardening, sanding, cleaning, mowing, and working with cement and fiberglass. Our online store offers high-quality respirators, and dust masks introduced to you by leading brands such as Rodo and Portwest and are available at competitive price points.


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