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Multi-Purpose Fillers, Putty & Caulk

Fillers are a special type of pigment that is combined with another one to either cut down costs or improve the quality of the overall area. Sometimes, it is used to fill up holes or cracks on wood before doing final touches of a building.

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Gyproc Easi-Filler 5 x 1 Kg

Gyproc Easi-Filler 5 x 1 Kg

Gyproc | Not Yet Rated £13.11
Gyproc Easy Fill 60 - 10 kg

Gyproc Easy Fill 60 - 10 kg

Gyproc | Not Yet Rated £15.77
Gyproc Easi Fill 45

Gyproc Easi Fill 45

Gyproc | Not Yet Rated £15.80

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More Info On Fillers

There is a wide range of fillers available at Buildworld

Metal Fillers

Fillers made from metal are called metal fillers. These fillers are used to cover up dents or make other repairs in metal. One key feature is that they spread well just like a paste and harden quite fast. These fillers form a strong, water-resistant bond and are also used for patching and sealing metal pipes.

Wood Fillers

Another type of fillers is the wood fillers. These are used to fill up nail holes, wood and boards, as well as furniture that were previously damaged. It is important to look for thick filler more so when covering up cracks in wood so that they are not visible at all. Make sure to paint after applying the wood filler to match with your furniture.

Foam Fillers

These types of fillers are used to fill up spaces that are created by profiles of roofing sheets. There are different types of foam fillers and it is crucial that you know what you want. For example, if the roof has a simple pitch it is important that you order matching pairs of small flutes and large flutes. The large flute is filler that settles down in the valley of the profile while the small flute lies opposite the large flute.

Fillers can also be divided further into broader categories. These categories include:

Interior and Exterior Fillers

Some fillers are a two in one. Basically, you can purchase wood filler that is for both interior and exterior filling options: one that can be screwed or nailed and painted after a few hours.

Multipurpose Fillers

They are tailored to meet almost all basic filler options.

Drying Fillers

Drying fillers are those that are used for quick last-minute finishes and are able to dry quickly.

Fire Rated Fillers

Lastly, we have the fire rated ones which are used to filling up firestop installations.

Additionally, it is crucial to consider some factors when selecting the right fillers. One such factor is ensuring you know how long it will take to dry up. In turn, it gives you insight into what you are looking for. The probability of cracking or wearing out is also a requirement to ensure you pick out the best quality fillers. Lastly, always make sure for the metal fillers you get a corrosion-free product to ensure adequate service delivery.

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