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Multi-Purpose Fillers, Putty & Caulk

Fillers are a special type of pigment combined with another one to either cut down costs or improve the quality of the overall area. Sometimes, it is used to fill up holes or cracks on wood before the final touches. There is a wide range of fillers available at Buildworld. We stock metal, wood, foam and multi-purpose fillers. Additionally, we stock drying and fire-rated fillers as well.

Metal fillers are used to cover up dents or make other repairs to metal. One key feature is that they spread well, just like a paste and harden quite fast. These fillers form a robust and water-resistant bond and are also used for patching and sealing metal pipes. On the other side, Wood Fillers are used to filling up nail holes, wood and boards, and furniture that were previously damaged. Foam Fillers are used to filling up spaces that are created by profiles of roofing sheets. Select the right product from the options displayed below for your projects requirement.


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