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Exterior Paints

There’s nothing that uplifts a home’s appearance and mood than a fresh coat of paint. Besides its aesthetic function, paint performs the all-important function of protecting it from moisture, fading, and weather. To get the most out of your paint, you need exterior paint that's packed with high-quality compositions. At Buildworld, you will find paint has been specially designed to give a durable and long-lasting finish. It comes with built-in micro seal technology for longer life and keeping your home as good as new. Formulated for easy application and maximum coverage, is waterproof and dirt-resistant.

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Ronseal Teak Oil 500ml

Ronseal Teak Oil 500ml

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How to Buy the Right Exterior Paint?

The condition of any building is enhanced by a fresh coat of good quality, Exterior Paint. It is not just a matter of improving the appearance of your home or business property. Exterior paints help to protect the fabric of the building from the effects of the weather. This, too, adds value over the longer term.

Choosing your Exterior Paints

Choosing the right type of paint can be tricky when you see the huge variety of products on our shelves. Some products are designed for masonry and others for wood or metal, for example. Some paints require one or more undercoats, while others are designed for quick application in a single coat. The best approach is to write down the properties of the building, or parts of the building, that you are planning to paint. This will help you decide on the right type of paint for each part of the job.

Painting on new surfaces

You will almost always need a primer if you paint on brand-new surfaces. Preparation protection is essential, and the thoroughness of your preparation will affect the quality of the final result. In a climate that tends towards wet weather, a waterproofing undercoat is a wise foundation. A strong external paint on top will then provide the coverage and protection that you are looking for.

Design issues when painting

White and cream are popular choices, but more adventurous colours can transform the whole image of the building. You can choose a contrasting colour, such as white base and black trim, for example. Alternatively, a house painted in two or three carefully chosen shades of the same colour can be a good option. The by-laws and surrounding streetscape may well influence the range of design choices you will have.

Exterior Paints for rough and smooth surfaces

Gloss paints are best for smooth surfaces. In this case, you will need a gloss undercoat. You will want to check that your paint comes with anti-fungal properties and protection against the effects of ultra-violet light.

Many exterior surfaces are rough, perhaps with imperfections due to age, or because of rendering, pebbledash, or other protective coverings. In these cases, a flexible, Matt paint is better. It covers all the bumps and still gives a professional finish.

Additional product features

Some products add more than just colour. You might want to consider using textured external paints to enhance durability. These, too, need the surface to be rendered first so that it holds the new paint securely onto the surface.

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