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Heaters - Patio Heaters

The installation of electrical heaters is more straightforward compared to systems that use oil or gas. Besides the electrical connections, these heaters need to connect to supply pipes or install a storage tank for oil. Electric heating is instantaneous; all you have to do is adjust the thermostat for the device. There is no loss of energy, no noise, and no odour. Electric heating is safe and is the most frequently chosen option for quick spot heating and places where installing oil or gas heaters is difficult. Most new home buyers opt for electric baseboards, convectors, or forced air heating.

Buildworld takes care of all your Electrical heating requirements, be it home or office, by improving comfort and energy efficiency. At Buildworld, our range of heating products includes electrical heaters and patio heaters, and we offer the perfect solution for homes, offices, and businesses at the best prices.


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