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Paint Scrappers

You can define a paint scraper as a tool that we use to remove paint or stickers found in walls, tiles or glass. The scraper is essential as it resolves you from the burden of actually replacing or breaking down a wall that had paint all over it. Some scrappers will come with plastic handles for comfort, but your choice should always be determined by what task precedes you. You may use heat guns when dealing with paint stuck on wooden surfaces, however, make sure that you wear your protective gear at all times.

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How to Buy the Right One?

The goal of any scraper is to remove paint from an individual surface by peeling it off. Types of scrapers are numerous, and they may range from putty knife all the way to the double edge wood scraper. But the question here is, how do you choose the right tool? Well, to be honest, that apparently depends on what surface you are dealing with as at that particular time. We have different types of scrapers such as manuals, drills, heat guns, etc. I will go deep on some of the standard tools and what their uses are for you to choose what fits your needs as they are the most common.

Single and double edge paint scrapper

The price tag on this tool is not expensive at all. It comes in different sizes. Mostly having a U-shaped blade that is held by a single screw, the essential difference between a double and a single edge scraper is the blade. Single-edged models have to be pulled in a mono direction while the double one can be pushed or pulled over the surface.

Putty knife

You can sharpen this blade over and over again as many times as you like and its main work is to remove loose or peeling paint. When it comes to size, a one or one-and-a-half-inch thick blade will do the trick.

11 in 1 multipurpose tool

This the corrupt version of a Swiss army knife as it consists of various devices within itself to assist you to perform the scrapping efficiently. It has a paint scraper, a spreader, a gouger, a hammer, a rake, putty remover, paint roller cleaner, and a flat screwdriver, etc.

Specialty Paint Scrapers

When dealing with specialized carvings of wood or structures, the most common are the triangle and the teardrop-shaped blades.

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