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Undercoats & Primers

Primer is a layer of paint applied to seal, bond and provide a solid foundation to prepare it for application of a topcoat. Primers come in different types depending on the surface they need to be applied on: drywall, metal or wood. Primer also contains a generous amount of oil to seal the surface to keep the paint application from bleeding through and cracking. Some primers at our online store come with built-in fungicides. Sealers are used for sealing and covering the gaps in tiles, plastics, pavings and flagstones. Vitreous in nature, they propound the waterproof property; hence, they are useful and workable at any flat and levelled surface in any environment. Specifically, they seal the grout joints, keeping sealers evasive from contact with surface tiles, stones, PVC or whatever material is being used.


An undercoat’s key function is to provide a smooth, uniform, even surface for topcoats. They are generally used with enamel topcoats as they add to the thickness of the topcoat and give a denser finish. Undercoats are mostly used on wood substrates. Undercoats are also primers that seal, hide and bond to form a firm foundation for the topcoat. Undercoats have either an alkyd or latex or lacquer formulations.

At Buildworld, we offer high-quality Primer, Sealers and undercoats from brands such as Bostik, Crown, Leyland, and more. We offer products in this category at competitive rates. High-quality manufacturing from the biggest brands ensures you get the desired results.

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