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Anti-Mould & Stain Block Paints

Anti-Mould & Stain Block Paints are specially formulated to control mould and mildew growth in mildew prone areas of the home like kitchens and bathrooms. Mildew paints come with agents that keep the paint free from moulds and mildew till the paint coat lasts. These paints are washable and can be scrubbed clean while protecting against many fungal infestations. The paint will protect against mildew and retard its growth, and will not kill mildew or mould spores. Stain Block Paints can prevent stains from reappearing and prepares the surface for decoration. At Buildworld, you can find a range of Anti-Mould, Anti-Condensation & Stain Block Paints from brands such as Ronseal and Crown.

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