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Tiling Trims, Joints & Accessories

Considered essential from an aesthetic, maintenance and safety viewpoint—tile trims soften the sharp edges around tiles appearing as the final layer of completion. Tile trims are the perfect solution for protruding tiles, nosing out of the wall or floor edges. Tremendously useful in masking edges that otherwise turn into eyesores. Tiling jobs are incomplete without the finishing touch imparted in the detailing of the edges through tile trims.

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Tile Trims & Accessories At Buildworld

Thoroughly designed to impart a variety of finishes to corners, edges and tile borders meeting a range of preferences, the range of tile trims at Buildworld comprises well-established brands. The product fabrication types include PVC Vinyl, Aluminium and Stainless Steel, capable of applications on tiles, laminates, wood or stones delivering excellent finishes on corners, quadrants, skirting edges, and square edges.

Accessories are all the vital elements that supplements all that is required for laying tiles for beautiful edifices and facades of homes, gardens, patios, structures, floors, kitchens, bathroom, shower place, work areas and several other environments. Whether outdoor or indoor tiling, accessories play a crucial role in having them laid to your satisfaction. Desired results can be had only if the accessories are the right ones, complete and of top quality. Perfectly laid tiles make the place wholesome, liveable, adorable and workable; it also infuses warmth in the ambience with the desired effect; also, they minimize the cost of wastage of material and maintenance, if done by a trained professional. The entire range of accessories at Buildworld includes Mesh Self Adhesive, Tile Spacers, Gap Spacers and more.

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