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Plasterboard Filler | Plaster Joint Filler

We offer up to 14 different products of plastering fillers and pipe jointing compounds. The Siniat joint filler is sure to provide structural integrity. Some of our other brands include Oracstar, Marshalltown, Siniat, and Gyproc.

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More Info on Plastering Fillers and Jointing Compound

Jointing compound and plastering fillers both play a crucial role in preparing your wall for painting. These tools are something that every homeowner or construction team should be able to use.

Jointing Compound plays a crucial role in skim coating projects for walls and ceilings. It comes in a white powder and is usually mixed with water. The goal of the jointing compound is to help cover seams along interior walls, which makes them ready for a painting job. In addition to skim coatings, jointing compound serves as a common alternative to plastering to finish corner beats, joints, fasteners, and trims.

Plastering fillers are a lightweight, fast-drying filler that addresses interior plasterboard, plaster, and wallboards. Its value is in its adhesion properties on plaster, which helps minimize shrinkage.

How do Plastering Fillers and Jointing Compound Work?

A watery jointing compound is easy to sand and apply to walls. It is also an odourless substance and simple to clean up when done. When you utilize a jointing compound alongside drywall tape, it takes a small amount of effort. Jointing compound is a common practice for hanging drywall in newer or remodelled houses.

The process of finishing drywall with a jointing compound will take anywhere from 3-4 days. The type of jointing compound used for covering holes and smoothing seams will depend on your level of experience and size of your walls. The critical thing to remember here is to be patient and complete each step fully before moving on to the next.

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