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Specialist Floor Paints

In modern times, there is a host of choices in the availability of Floor Paints, and it isn’t easy to decide the most suitable paints for your project. Besides lending colourful hues, floor coatings or paints also serve functional purposes and offer other benefits. Paints are classified using different criteria such as their chemical compositions or their uses etc. We have put together a brief view of the commonly used floor paints.


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Specialist Floor Paints at Buildworld

Epoxy floor coatings

The word “Epoxy” refers to epoxy resins or polyepoxides that are reactive polymers. Epoxy resins react with a wide range of co-reactants or hardeners to give resultant paints that offer a high level of chemical resistance, durability, low porosity and strong bonds. These coatings can be used over concrete subfloors or serve as a protective layer against heat, chemical, and impact.

Polyurethane floor paint

Polyurethane based floor paints are more elastic compared to epoxies but are more temporary. These floor coatings also offer germ resistance, aesthetic purposes and more.

Anti-slip floor coatings are types of floors that are made using special aggregates with a resin base to create a surface that offers a firm grip, even when it is damp. Anti-slip paints also offer many uses, such as clear coatings for a tiled floor to stronger ones for heavy traffic floors. This paint also provides durability, decoration and protection. Mainly used in doorways, steps, stairways and around machinery or locations where moisture or makes the floor slippery.

Similarly, Antimicrobial floor paints find application in medical or kitchens and designed to meet FDA regulations. They are also epoxy or polyurethane based, release an antimicrobial agent through a non-porous surface, keeping germs at bay.

Decorative Paints

When paints are used to enhance the aesthetic properties of a floor, such coatings are called Decorative Paints. Such paints can offer more than one quality such as non-slip and decoration. Many hardwearing commercial and industrial floor paints also contain decorative aggregates of flakes or pebbles or textures in an epoxy base.

Thermal shock-resistant floor paintswon't crack or break in sudden temperature extremes or when hot water is used on it.

Heavy Duty Floor Paints

These paints have a heavy duty formulation and come with a hardwearing, protective finish base on polyurethane alkyd resins. These also resist spillage stains and repeated cleaning.

At Buildworld, we have a collection of special floor paints from anti-slip and heavy duty to decorative, all from the most popular paint brands. Take a look at our products and place your orders today!!

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