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Wood Stains & Dyes

Whether creating a bespoke wooden build, sprucing up some decking, or giving a new lease of life to an old garden set, there is a wood stain designed for every job. As an alternative to paint, it provides a layer of protection and durability to wooden surfaces, while retaining a more natural appearance that blends gently into its surrounding area. Although not as solid in appearance as paint, the range of colours is no less impressive, and it is still possible to choose between a range of hues, depending on your requirements. At Build world, our range of wood stains offer a varying degree of waterproof protection and work by preventing dirt and water absorption into the wood, extending the life of the item. This is of particular importance when working on external projects, where the surfaces require a higher resilience, to a range of often harsh, weather conditions.

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More Info On Wood Stains & Dyes

Wood stains have improved a lot over the years and now offer a durability and finish that is of the highest quality. Whether choosing a clear, quick-drying, all-in-one option for speed and convenience, or a bright and vivid colour to brighten up a garden project, you can’t go wrong. The selection of stains offers long-lasting protection that is resistant to peeling, fading, cracking and blistering, meaning your work, looks better for longer.

A quick-drying option is a perfect solution for high traffic areas or unsettled weather conditions. Some products offer a rainproof-dry covering in only 30 minutes, a serious contender when it comes to the unpredictable British weather. The type of wood used should also be considered when deciding on the finish, with some wood stains more suitable for either hardwoods or softwoods. There are also selections that suit internal, external or both options, so take the time to check the description fully.

When preparing your wood surface, always make sure it clean, dry and free of all debris before beginning to apply your chosen stain. A badly prepped project will lead to a blotchy and messy finish, so it’s worth taking your time to ensure you get the best results. Some surfaces, such as bare wood, will often need priming before staining, which gives a smoother, less porous surface to paint on.

Areas that are regularly used, such as windows and doors will need a tougher, more flexible finish. Make sure you choose one with a longer guarantee period, safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to repeat the job every year, saving you time and money.

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