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Hammers are a basic yet essential tool used for a wide range of building and construction jobs such as driving, nailing, and breaking.

At Buildworld, we offer a range of hand tools including a variety of hammers. Hammers are versatile tools among the most commonly used tools by both professional handymen and amateurs. The different types of hammers include Claw hammers, Rubber Mallets, Brick & Mortar hammers, Drywall Hammer, Copper & Hide, for a range of hammering jobs. Hammers come with a striking head and a handle with variable length. Hammer heads are made in different materials such as vanadium steel, rubber, iron while handles can be wood or plastic.

Mallets are often used when working with more fragile materials. A Brick & mortar hammer is usually used for bricklaying. A drywall hammer is used for the installation of plasterboard and drywall. Dead blow hammers are designed not to rebound off any surface. Club hammers are the most heavy-duty type of common hammer.

When you're ready to buy a hammer, mallet filter, chisel, nails, or screws, check out our inventory at competitive price points. Contact our customer service team for more information.

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