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At Buildworld, we offer a range of Hammers. These versatile tools are amongst the most commonly used tools by both professional handymen and amateurs. We offer different types, including Claw, Mallet, Brick & Mortar, Drywall, Copper & Hide, and a lot more. The claw hammer has a regular hammerhead. What sets this hammer apart is the claw on the back, often used for prying up nails.

A mallet is a large, two-sided hammer. It is usually made of a softer material, like rubber or wood. Mallets are often used when working with more fragile materials. Brick & mortar hammer is usually used for bricklaying. It is constructed of a heavy-duty metal head with an impact-absorbing handle. The back of the hammer usually features a sharp chisel, ideal for working on bricks. A soft rubber hammer is quite similar to a mallet. However, it is much smaller (about the size of a regular hammer) and easier to control. Like the mallet, the soft rubber hammer is often used when working with more fragile materials.

A drywall hammer is used for the installation of plasterboard and drywall. These hammers usually feature a shock-absorbing handle, similar to the one found in a brick and mortar hammer. The other defining feature of the drywall hammer is the sharp chisel on the back, which is used to chip off drywall and plasterboard. A copper and hide hammer is a unique design made from copper on one end and a rawhide.

Deadblow hammers are designed not to rebound off any surface. They are made of aluminium, with nylon heads. The grips are designed to be shock-resistant. Club hammers are the most heavy-duty type of common hammer. They can weigh four pounds or more. Club hammers are usually made of thick, heavy-duty steel and shock-resistant handles.

When you're ready to buy a hammer, check out our inventory. You can also find our contact info on the site if you have any questions.

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