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Tile Grouts

Grout, by definition, serves the purpose of filling gaps in structures requiring reinforcement or in new construction nearing structural completion. The use of fine gravel is extensive in grout formulations meant for filling larger areas. Grout mixtures are denser than mortar which is similar in composition and turns waterproof upon setting. The use of grout is prominent and overwhelming as binding material for tiles, preventing the tiles from slipping, and as the aligning agent to keep the imperfections present in the tile shapes from causing misalignment.

Buildworld offers various high-quality grouts to cover interior and exterior wall and floor surfaces. Engineered for dry and wet conditions—the collection at Buildworld includes Tile-Rite, Bostik equipped with DropEffect technology, which is renowned for surface absorption and repelling moisture, thereby keeping the grout joints free from dirt and other impurities. Browse through the Buildworld catalogue for premium, fast-setting, efflorescence-free joint widths.

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