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Tile Grouts

Buildworld offers a variety of high-quality grouts to cover interior and exterior wall and floor surfaces. Engineered for dry and wet conditions—the collection at Buildworld includes Mapei Ultracolor Plus, equipped with DropEffect technology, which is renowned for surface absorption and repelling moisture, thereby keeping the grout joints free from dirt and other impurities. Browse through the Buildworld catalogue for premium, fast-setting, efflorescence-free for joint widths.

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What is Grout?

Grout by definition serves the purpose of filling gaps in structures requiring reinforcement or in new construction nearing structural completion. A mixture comprising Portland cement, sand, and water— standard grout formulation at construction sites, has been imported into the premixed grout packages manufactured for professional and DIY consumption which adds water dispersing agents, plasticizers, fade-resistant colour pigments, and aggregates to fortify and make it fit for instant consumption. 

Grout value

The use of fine gravel is extensive in grout formulations meant for filling larger areas. Grout mixtures are more viscous than mortar which is similar in composition and turns waterproof upon setting. The use of grout is prominent and overwhelming as binding material for tiles; as a material preventing the tiles from slipping, and as the aligning agent to keep the imperfections present in the tile shapes from causing misalignment.

Grout Type—Epoxy, Sanded or Non-Sanded

Using the appropriate grout variety is crucial for tile longevity as well as functional enhancement of the tile layout.  Epoxy-based grouts are known to fade when applied on the outer portion of structures whereas their durability is unmatched in bathrooms and kitchens.  Epoxy grouts are stain-resistant and impervious to moisture-related problems eliminating the need for sealer applications to combat moisture.

Cement based sand grouts as the name suggests contain sand for better adhesion and resistance against tile-slipping and cracking in order to combat moisture laden conditions. Installations dominated by factors such as shrinkage and crack outbreak possibility, the need for extra time for manoeuvring during installation, and in projects with wider grout lines (wider than 1/8th of an inch) rely heavily on sanded grout. The non-sanded variety is prone to cracking if employed in wider grout lines; and is appropriate for vertical application and in grout lines having width between 1/8th  and 1/16th  of an inch.

Grout Colour—Tile Colour v/s Tiling pattern

The colour of the grout has a profound impact on the aesthetics and maintenance of the tiled area. Uniformity helps to direct the attention on tile colour suggesting the use of grout whose colour matches the tile, conversely contrasting colour grout is bound to enhance the pattern in which the tiles have been laid. The use of dark coloured grouts are known for masking blemishes and blotches but are equally susceptible to fading over a period of time.

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