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Tile Adhesives

Plethoras of tiling project scenarios exist in domestic and commercial settings, which allow the opportunity for engaging tile adhesives. Buildworld—the one-stop-source in construction materials stocks reputed brands such as Bostik, Sealocrete, Evo-Stik, and Ultra Tile Fix, to deliver assured desirable results on your chosen projects.

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The Tile Adhesive Advantage

Combining Ordinary Portland Cement with sand and a selection of additives in specific proportions produces highly effective special premixed formulation for laying tiles on substrates made of wood or other material, on polished cement, or even existing tiles. Loosening and eventual displacement of tiles, a distinct possibility with cement, is remedied and eliminated with tile adhesives for decades.

Offering additional resistance to vertical pressure— Tile adhesives are sold in premixed packages or in powder form which requires water mixing. The premixed types unlike its powder alternative are free of preparatory procedure allowing immediate application but limited to wall tiles, whereas powder tile adhesives are better suited for floor tiling.

Preparing cement mixture in accordance with prescribed ratios followed by a waiting period is a drain on time and patience amounting to an unwanted load of tedium, which is circumvented without any difficulty with tile adhesives bearing the appropriate mixture for tiling. The thickness of the sand-cement mixture tends to be heavier than that of the tile adhesives leading to additional load transfer on the structure— a liability, inherently missing in the tile adhesive scheme, which in addition to its lighter material and thinner mixture, cures in lesser time than sand-cement mixture— a certain boon to tiling work schedules.  

Another advantage associated with tile adhesives is the absence of granularity— an inalienable reality of cement layering that causes unevenness and empty patches under the tile creating an occasion for cracks to emerge and damage the tile eventually. Such dangers are eliminated with tile adhesives owing to their even layering.

Besides their superior bonding strength and low shrinkage, tile adhesives make room for physical and thermal movements bearing a very adjusting composition to accommodate glass mosaics, granite, substrates with varying degrees of glaze, and on existing tiles to name a few surfaces.

These products are available in a wide variety of configurations depending upon the task at hand. Dry mixes are often suited for making larger batches. Pre-mixed alternatives like Sealogrip ceramic tile adhesives are ideal for home-based projects including sudden repairs. From rapidly setting mixtures to waterproof formulations suited for showers and bathtubs, you will find products in different colours to match the existing decor.

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