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Metal Drill Bits

Metal Drill bits are tools that are precision engineered for fast and exact cutting in building and masonry projects. Designed to remove material to create holes in hard metal and steel and come in many sizes and shapes. These bits dissipate heat quickly during drilling, and they come in various metal tips for efficient drilling. The drill bits usually are attached to a drill or power tool to cut through the workpiece using rotary motion. The shank of the bit fits into the drill. Standard bits are made of HSS; however, Black oxide-coated drill bits are more durable and rust-resistant. Drill bits are also coated in Titanium-for effortless drilling. Cobalt drill bits and alloy steel bits are ideal for drilling hard metal, steel, and sheet metals.

At Buildworld, our drill bits will enable you to work with greater levels of precision on your projects. Built to last long, these bits are precision engineered for fast and precise cutting and make cleaner holes with reduced vibrations. Designed with durability in mind and crafted out of high-quality metal, the bits can be used to drill into several materials and provide maximum power transmission with optimized designs for excellent drilling performance. Select from the masonry drill bit, twist drill bits, and from brands such as Dart, and materials such as HSS, metal, and Tungsten.

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