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Trowels & Floats at Buildworld

Trowels are small handheld tools, manual or electrically powered, and come in 3 standard versions, masonry trowel, float trowel and garden trowel. Towels and floats are used across applications such as masonry, concrete and drywall construction, and also in tiling and laying flooring. Most trowels come with camel-back or straight wood handles for comfort-grip on the job. Essential tools such as Trowels and Floats are used in various building activities like digging, smoothing, and applying viscous material to a substrate. A float features a thicker base than a trowel and is typically made of plastic, rubber, sponge, wood or magnesium. It levels up the surface on plaster or concrete, getting the desired close look. Steel trowels and hand floats have a similar appearance; except that steel, trowels come with thinner blades with open handles. At Buildworld, we have all the accessories you need to complete multiple projects, be it trowels, floats and grouting tools or trims, sponges and spacers. Tools displayed on our website come to you from the best manufacturers at competitive prices and will assure a professional finish.

Masonry trowels are usually made of forged carbon steel, but new models use cast stainless steel to keep the tools rust-free and improve longevity. A power trowel is an enormous walk-behind tool powered by gas or electricity with rotating paddles used to finish floors. The trowelling and floating job decide the size and type of the tool needed. But on large projects or for faster work, larger ones will work well. For corners, steps, and tight areas, you can reasonably manage with a smaller tool.

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