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Wrecking Bars

A wrecking bar also called a crowbar or pry bar is an efficient tool that is used for pulling out spikes or prying nails for opening massive crates and for doing wrecking tasks. The forked end aids in the removal of embedded nails and staples, while the curved bar can help force objects apart in a demolition. Wrecking bars or crowbars are entirely suited for leveraging timber or removing the tyres from the car wheel rim to dismantle wooden crates and pull out nails from wood.

These bars have excellent visibility and a yellow powder-coated finish. Made from a single section of forged steel, they are extensively used in construction and demolition localities. We, at Buildworld are well aware of the significance of wrecking bars in the building and construction sector. Hence, we have sourced these great tools and affordable from reputed brands. The products sold by us undergo adequate quality controls during the procurement and other processes. Browse through our collection, available at competitive prices.

To assist the customer in performing these projects with perfection, we have come up with a new range of bars at top quality brands such as Ox-Tools.

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