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Collated Nails

Using a hammer to insert nails is a familiar picture, though some builders like using pneumatic nailers to get the job done instead. That's where collated nails, in their various forms, come into play. They come in strips, so they insert into pneumatic (air- or gas-powered) nailers or nail guns. If you need long-lasting corrosion resistance, stainless steel collated nails are the answer.

Collated nail gun nails are used in nailers, meaning you'll need nails to match the nailer's pressure or even the nailer model. Not using the proper nails with your nailer may result in wear and tear and more nail jams. With so many varieties of collated nails, we've got the perfect fixings for your next project.

Our Bostitch 33° Galvanised Wire Weld Smooth Collated Nails have a transitional zinc collation to protect against rust and other corrosion and provide greater holding power. We stock a range of coil nails, strip nails, and other nails and screws from brands such as Dart and Timco.

The Timco Stainless Steel Ring Shank Firmahold Collated Clipped Head Nails reduces tool loading time with a clipped nail head. Browse through our entire range of tools and fixings, and pick the right one based on your requirement.

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