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Roofing Nails

As the name implies, Roofing nails help to adhere roofing materials together, specifically from shingles to cladding. They also nail down roofing felt for water protection. While there is no roofing felt nail for protective roofing felt, you should choose a specific size for that. Copper nails are ideal for roofing projects, so we carry several sizes and lengths for them. Our Timco Clout Nail's large head can easily hold down felt, slate, and shingle roofing tiles and will naturally resist wear and tear. We also carry copper-nail disc rivets at Buildworld, which are ideal for applying fibre cement slates to your roof.

Roofing nails almost look like thumbtacks, with their wide heads and stick-thin shanks. They come in many different materials meant for different environments. Aluminium nails, for instance, work for metal shingles but might not be optimal in places with constant humidity. Galvanised or stainless steel nails would hold up better in such conditions. For easier use, you might consider using copper roofing nails. Not only are they easier to pull out when repairing broken slate (a roofing tile material), they also last for up to 40 years with natural corrosion-resistant properties. For corrugated or metal roofing, you can also use corrugated roofing nails. They have a large, umbrella-shaped nailhead and have zinc-coated shanks for corrosion protection.

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