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Plasterboard Screws

Plasterboard screws are a popular method for securing sheets to ceiling joists or wall studs. These screws provide durability because of their hardened steel construction. Plasterboard screws offer a cost-efficient alternative to wood screws for more straightforward interior projects. When it comes to screwing threads, there are two different options to select. Coarse screws work with many plasterboard studs. The wide threads are efficient at gripping and pulling the plasterboard against the studs.

On the other hand, fine screws are suitable for self-threading for metal studs. Our plasterboard screw product options satisfy the three elements of gauge, length, and thread. We go the extra mile to meet your plasterboard screw needs. Your project organization is essential, which is why we offer various screw box and screw tub products for your workspace.

How do Plasterboard Screws Work?

Plasterboard screws are ideal for hanging or installing plasterboard, drywall, sheetrock, and gypsum board. These screws are even more crucial in securing full sheets of plasterboard, measuring 4-8 feet. If you own an older home and see your walls have circular bumps, then you are experiencing nail-pops. Plasterboards now emerge as the perfect solution for these issues. Homeowners will also use plasterboard screws for building projects.

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