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Electrical Cables

Power is an integral part of any modern building for basic comforts such as heating or complex machinations like industrial use. A dwelling requires a smart network of Cables to distribute power and for connections, and each purpose needs specific wires. Electrical Cables, these insulated metal wires have to be made from the best quality galvanized steel, which may or may not be armoured, depending on the requirement. This wire may also have annealed copper or aluminium conductors and lies beneath an outer covering of PVC for protection. Buildworld makes it easy for you to get your entire cable and wiring, with a vast range of Cables for all kinds of uses, starting from Earthing to those for domestic appliances. At Buildworld, we stock Flexible Artic Cables, 3 Core & Earth Cable, Network Alarm Cable, Coaxial Cable and Twin and Earth Cable.

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