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Flexible Couplings

Flexible couplings are applied in a variety of dynamic settings, most commonly seen as connectors of pipes. Invariably used to connect piping systems designed for kitchen, bathroom, and external drainage, the couplings at Buildworld are from well-established and top-quality manufacturers.

Manufactured from PVC, flexible couplings are suitable for above and below ground applications. Their use in plumbing work, such as drainage lines and vent solutions, is attributed to the difficult angle bends flexible couplings facilitate. As plastic drain connectors, flexible couplings become instrumental in repair works requiring connectors capable of 180-degree twists along with position retention. Because the connection is water-tight and remains unaffected even during the movement of piping systems, they are also suitable for aquatic pipe systems. Many of the couplings are supplied with 304-grade stainless steel corrosion-resistant clips as the industry standard. Flexible couplings are also prefabricated with gradually ebbing edges for easy fitting; this feature becomes invaluable during winters. Although flexible couplings; easy to install using a nut driver, socket, or screwdriver, the use of good quality stainless steel clamps must be ensured to eliminate any chance of installation-related leakage. Feel free to browse our range and select the right one based on your requirement.

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