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Buildworld offers a multitude of fixings to meet varied requirements during a building or construction project. We include brands such as Fischer, Forgefix, Tile Rite, and Hozelock, to name a few. Our range of wall plugs and fixings comes in different sizes, materials, and colours for many applications.

Wall plugs, also called anchors or Rawlplugs, give you a firm grip when fixing a nail or screw to walls. These expand against the hole you have drilled into the masonry and create a tight-fitting hold on the screw. Such anchors can attach one object to another when screws, nails, and adhesives are ineffective. Wall plugs come in many different types and offer different strengths and compatibility with different types of surfaces. Using plugs is an easy way to have a perfect wall; one that is easy to drill is firm and thick enough to take a wall plug. Wall plugs also come colour coded to make it easy to identify during fixing. Usually, these are made in red, blue, yellow, and brown.

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