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Saws are tools that are used to cut through wood, metal, and plastic. They come in very many shapes and sizes, and it is always advisable you know what type you want and for what purpose. There are a variety of them available at Build world, a company offering tools and fixings among other services. For all your needs, you can look up and see if we have the particular type that you want.


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More Info on Saws

Let us have a look at the different types of saws that we offer at Buildworld.

  • Bow Saws: these kinds of saws are majorly for rough cross cuts on tree branches. They are also known as Finn saw. Their metal frame is shaped like a bow, and the blade is wide in place of where the string blade would be.
  • Hack Saws – this type of saw is mainly used to cut through steel, other metals, and plastic. One interesting factor is that once the teeth on the blade become blunt or have issues, they can easily be replaced.
  • Hand Saw – they are also known as the fish saw, they are hand held and are designed to cut into a softer material. Most are usually 24 – 26 inches.
  • Tenon Saws – they are a type of handsaws used to cut across the grain of wood being cut. Their edge can be made from wood or metal. For every inch of blade, these saws have 13 teeth.
  • Mitre Blades – they are circular in shape and suitable for small workshops. Operating them with precision is easy.

There are some key reasons why you need to shop with us:

  • We have quite a variety of the above tools and many more types to ensure that we serve you better at all times.
  • We have the best delivery system for the products you choose to buy. You can make an order for your items, and they will be delivered to your doorstep.
  • Our staffs are well trained and are available to give you advice on what choice to go for regarding quality, price, and durability.
  • We are a trusted brand that is widely known to deliver at all costs and to offer the tools at very competitive rates regardless of your budget. With us, quality is not a compromise at all since we bring out our best.

It is always crucial when purchasing tools to ensure that you have the right type of saw to make sure that you do your project accordingly.

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