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Hand Saws & Blades

Hand Saws And Blades are tools that are used to cut through wood, metal, and plastic. They come in many shapes and sizes, and it is always advisable you know what type you want and for what purpose. A variety of them is available at Buildworld. We offer Bow, Hack, Hand, Tenon Saws and more.

Bow Saws are majorly for rough crosscuts on tree branches. They are also known as Finn saw. Their metal frame is shaped like a bow, and the blade is wide in place of where the string blade would be. Hack Saws is mainly used to cut through steel, other metals, and plastic, and their blades can be easily replaced. Hand Saws are handhelds and are designed to cut into a softer material. Tenon Saws are a type of handsaws used to cut across the grain of the wood being cut. For every inch of blade, these saws have 13 teeth. Mitre Blades are circular and suitable for small workshops. Operating them with precision is easy.

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