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Power Saws

A power saw is a type of portable machine tool used in commercial and DIY projects. It has a sturdy body with blades, chains, wires, and teeth made for smooth sawing and cutting. It can efficiently cut wood, plastic, metals, concrete, and other materials like tile and bricks. Power saws work with electricity or battery sources and come in many types such as hacksaws, band saws, Reciprocal saws, and circular saws.

Get top-class strength and performance when you choose from Buildworld's exclusive range of saws from Belle, Bosch, and Dart. Their top-notch quality build and reliable motor offer incredible efficiency and increased power delivery, providing increased longevity of the tool with less wear and tear over time. You can get models with variable load speed, weights, voltages, and diameters, as well as wattages. We offer Bench-Saws, Chain-Saws, Circular-Saws, Jig-Saw, Mitre-Saw, and more to meet varying project needs.

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