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Power Saws

A power saw is a type of saw that uses electrical power to cut through a substance such as wood, plasterboard, tile or even concrete. These tools can employ mains electricity, a rechargeable battery or a combination of both. Some are equipped with circular blades while others will use a reciprocating action. Let us examine some common variants. Here, at Buildworld, we offer a range of Power Saws. Click to Explore our range and buy the right one, based on your requirement.

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Dewalt Plunge Saw Guide Rail

Dewalt Plunge Saw Guide Rail

Dewalt | Not Yet Rated £222.77

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A Look at the Different Variants Available

One of the most common varieties is known as a mitre saw. This is a table-mounted unit that allows the user to make cuts at predetermined angles. It is often employed by joiners, cabinetmakers and finishes carpenters. Circular saws are arguably the most well-known design, as they are equipped with a circular spinning blade. They are controlled by hand and come in a number of different sizes (blade diameters). A protective plastic sheath helps to protect the user from any expelled materials and depending upon its use, several types of blades are available.

Table saws consist of a reinforced platform and a permanent blade that protrudes through its surface. Users will then feed material such as wood along this blade. The "pulling" action of the blade helps to make the cutting process easier. There are also times when the angle of the blade can be slightly adjusted to accommodate for options such as bevels and dovetails. The operator will manually control the action of the blade through a switch or a foot pedal. Table saws come in a variety of sizes and dimensions.

Plunge saws are sometimes referred to as track saws. They are intended to make straight as opposed to angled cuts. Interestingly enough, they appear quite similar to the previously mentioned circular saws. The main difference is that the accuracy of their cuts is much higher. Many plunge saws will be used in conjunction with a track or guide to further achieve such levels of precision.

Choosing the Correct Model

Although the price is always a concern, it is important to take a look at the type of material being cut as well as if any specialized tasks (such as cutting angles) are required. Also, take into account how easy it will be to transport the unit from place to place. Safety features are always a concern; particularly for those who are new to the construction sector. As there is a wide range of options and models to choose from, we recommend that you spend some time browsing through the selection offered at Buildworld.

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